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The St. Louis Trust Company Multi-Family Office Investment Management section header

Drawing on our internal expertise and external resources, our global investment strategy is led by our Investment Committee. From there, it is tailored by your client service team who best understands you and your family. Our independence allows us to be skeptical and objective in analyzing investments and making recommendations.

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A customized target allocation is constructed for each of your investment portfolios to suit its specific goals and objectives including cash flow needs, risk tolerance and time horizon. Our investment philosophy is centered around three cornerstones: be strategic, be diversified and be disciplined while minimizing fees and taxes. Adhering to these tenets over the long-term leads to optimized risk-adjusted returns.


Ongoing investment due diligence includes both qualitative and quantitative analysis. We continuously monitor client legacy investments and investments we recommend. In addition, we oversee and analyze existing single stock positions. Like many clients, you may be approached with investment opportunities by friends and associates. We also assist in evaluating private business deals and other investments.


As most clients do, you may arrive with existing investment portfolios. These investments are evaluated for suitability given the allocation strategy we establish with you and other considerations such as tax cost. Additionally, we use our extensive resources to source and recommend a wide range of investments to complement each portfolio’s strategy.


Comprehensive reports are essential to assess a portfolio’s current allocation versus its target and to meaningfully evaluate investment performance. We obtain and reconcile information on all client investments daily, no matter where they are held, and produce a wide variety of reports such as net asset summaries, portfolio allocation reports and aggregate performance reports with comparative benchmarks. These reports provide the complete picture that is essential to making well-informed investment decisions.