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April 12, 2021

John Jennings on Vance Crowe Podcast

John Jennings, President & Chief Strategist

John M. Jennings, President and Chief Strategist at St. Louis Trust & Family Office, was a guest on the Vance Crowe podcast in April 2021.

Vance Crowe hosts the Vance Crowe podcast series that features people with an expertise that you would want to know about, but might not think to ask. He prompts his guests to think about their work in novel ways, discusses how it applies to regular people and has fun sharing stories and experiences. He and John talked about the challenges the ultra-wealthy face, books, art, dreams and a different way to build a reporting structure in a company.

John M. Jennings leads St. Louis Trust & Family Office’s client service practice and is responsible for developing and implementing strategic initiatives.

Link to the full podcast:
Vance Crowe, April 12, 2021

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