Trustee Services
The Highest Standard of Care

We leverage our experience and expertise as corporate trustees to assist clients with their fiduciary duties.

Fiduciary Responsibilities & Duties

We currently serve as trustee or co-trustee for approximately 20% of the total assets we oversee  and are a named successor trustee for many clients. Fiduciary responsibility involves the highest standard of care and duty of loyalty to act prudently and in the best interest of beneficiaries.

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  • Understand the Rules
    • Invest trust assets appropriately and according to the terms of the trust document and relevant state law
    • Educate trustees/co-trustee on roles and responsibilities

  • Follow a Process
    • Properly account for principal and income
    • Coordinate with investment managers, tax accountants and attorneys
    • Provide mandatory and discretionary distributions to beneficiaries
    • Set an investment policy

  • Ongoing Maintenance
    • Perform recordkeeping and documentation
    • Assist with tax issues
    • Appropriately inform beneficiaries according to statutory requirements