Investment Management
Invest with confidence

Good investment behavior is essential to long-term success. We recognize there is no single “correct” way to invest – rather there are multiple ways to succeed. Investors must choose a strategy they can stick with throughout market cycles.

Success requires a disciplined approach

Drawing on our internal expertise and external resources, our global investment strategy is led by our Investment Committee. From there, it is tailored by our client service team members who best understand the client families they work with. Our independence allows us to be skeptical and objective in analyzing investments and making recommendations, while our disciplined approach helps minimize the “controllable” factors that negatively affect investment returns.

Investment Management Graphic
  • Strategic Asset Allocation & Establishment of Investment Policy
    • Determine goals and objectives 
    • Assess risk tolerance and liquidity needs
    • Consider investment constraints

  • Manager/Fund Selection, Due Diligence & Monitoring
    • Provide access to world-class investment resources
    • Oversee legacy investments
    • Monitor performance and risk

  • Values-Based Investment (SRI, ESG, Impact, etc.)
    • Lead interactive “values” conversation
    • Review public and private investment market opportunities
    • Build a customized impact portfolio

  • Expert Portfolio Construction
    • Provide independent and unbiased advice on allocation and manager selection
    • Underscore importance of investment manager fees and tax considerations
    • Ultimately develop and execute implementation plan

  • Best In-Class Investment Reporting
    • Comprehensive consolidated balance sheet reports
    • Customized performance reporting
    • Ability to aggregate data from multiple custodians

  • Evaluation of Private Investment Opportunities & Funds
    • Analyze opportunities regardless of source
    • Utilize both internal and external experts
    • Advise on appropriate entity selection to hold various investments