Our Approach

Make Plans,
Not Waves.

We understand the unique issues and complexity that come with multi-generational wealth management.

At a glance:

We operate as a single family office for multiple families, sharing best practices and strategies.

We work with our clients’ current advisors to coordinate and manage their financial affairs.

We safeguard both our clients’ privacy and assets from predators and threats.

We understand the complexity and sensitivity of significant wealth.

We have cultivated a global network of best-in-class investment managers and strategies for our clients.

The ocean wave imagery is meant to evoke the depth and complexity of issues our clients face.

Designed for Peace of Mind

We built St. Louis Trust & Family Office specifically to serve families of great wealth across the country. Each decision we make is guided by our clients needs.

  • Specialized Expertise

    We work exclusively with families of great wealth, primarily between $50 and $500 million in assets. This focus gives us deep, unmatched experience in this complex area of wealth management.

  • Independent & Aligned

    Because we receive no compensation, payments or commissions from any third party, we are completely independent of any influence on our advice. As a 60% client-owned company, we are uniquely aligned with the needs of the families we serve.

  • Simplification

    Our team works closely with our clients to simplify their complex financial and personal lives so they can focus on what’s most important to them – their families. We speak our clients’ language and limit unnecessary industry-related confusion as we constantly strive to provide clarity for them.

  • Service-driven

    Our team is compensated solely based on the level of service they provide our clients. They are incentivized to discover and create individualized solutions in our clients’ interests, without conflict.

  • Proactive

    Because we are devoted to a limited number of clients, we can be intentional about providing individualized planning and proactive guidance. Our firm’s workflow is structured so that all clients can benefit from the knowledge and experience of our team members.

  • Straight Talk

    There’s a difference between good advice and advice that sounds good. We give what we consider to be the best advice, even when it’s difficult or unpleasant, because we care about our clients.

Wealth Management Services

We partner with your family and existing advisors to develop and implement a comprehensive wealth management strategy.